2020 is the start of not only a new year but also a new decade. What a perfect time to consider the new trends for decorating, whether you built your custom home 10 years ago and it’s ready for a refresh or you are building a new home.

The end of the decade seems to be the end of the many decorating trends too. Here’s a look at what is in and fresh and what is left behind.


New Year, New Decade, New Décor Trends for your Custom Home

In the Kitchen:

All white kitchens ruled the last decade, but the all-white kitchen is a thing of the past. If you still love the look of white cabinets, don’t worry, they still work, but it’s all about blending other textures and colors with the clean look. Pops of natural wood, open shelves, range hoods and islands soften the stark white kitchen. But another new is to leave the white behind and seek color. Soft hues of light grays, soft blues and greens are trending this year. Rich colors like navy blue, dark red, and apple green for accenting the space, perhaps the island painted navy is a great way to change it up and create a dramatic effect.

Granite countertops are a thing of the past. Quartz or marble is the look and style for the new decade. While marble is durable and low maintenance, Quartz offers versatility of styles and patterns and mimics marble so close it can be hard to tell the difference.








In the Powder Room:

The powder room is a perfect place to unleash your wild, playful and fun personality. Wallpapers are a hot trend right now and the powder room is the perfect place to try out wallpaper. From bold florals, to textures and stripes. The small space gives an opportunity to try out wall coverings or bold paint colors. Play with different styles and colors of light fixtures, hardware and fixtures in this space and get creative.


In the Master Bedroom:

Canopy beds are making a comeback, and not the heavy weighted canopies of the past. The new trend is a sleek headboard with modern acrylic and metal frames. The heavy draping is gone and either no draping or light, airy, whimsical fabric replaces it.

A trend everyone will want to follow in decorating the master bedroom; quality bedding. You spend half of your life in bed, so invest in a mattress, sheets and comforters that allow a good night’s sleep.

In Throughout the Home:

Blending of old and new, from vintage accents to antique French pieces, layering these pieces makes for an interesting home and gives your space life and texture.

You will see the use of monochromatic colors in this year too. Rooms painted entirely in one color, like a soft grey, or walls painted bold blue with matching carpeting. The big change in the new decade is rooms that are not all beige or white but embrace color.

Whichever trend you choice to embrace, select the one you have always wanted to try and merge it into your current style!