New Year’s resolutions are an age-old tradition, as the advent of a new year promises a new beginning, a new opportunity to tackle nagging projects, and clean the proverbial house. It’s an opportunity for new and improved living, as every new day we face should be, but something about the January 1st delineates the past from the present. Perhaps some of it has to do with all the presents that were just opened, getting rid of the old to make way for the new. So as we all make our list, as we should, about the goals we set for ourselves for self-improvement and home-improvement; near the top of the list should be de-cluttering your custom built home!

New building projects necessitate packing and storing, but the hard part comes later when boxes need to be unpacked and items put away in the new living space. The majority of homeowners initially unpack the necessities once their new luxury home is built, garnish the environs with new furnishings and decorations befitting the new and improved space, and leave untold boxes untouched to deal with later. Oftentimes replication occurs as items remaining unpacked go forgotten. Step 1: go through the boxes. Step 2: throw or give away what you know will not be used. Step 3: Items that will not be used currently but have a future use or nostalgic value, repack in an organized manner (by rooms, utility, person) in airtight practical containers and label well.

Even the well-organized luxury homeowners have “junk drawers” and skeletons in their closets. While some minimalists manage to toss and sort year round, for the average person, the New Year offers the perfect opportunity to tackle the accumulation and mismanagement of personal items. The bedroom closet is an obvious place to start since it is the first door opened in the morning, but chances are that is not the area in most need. The following is a list of some of the most commonly ignored (for a good reason) areas in the home that could use attention, and with minimal effort will free up space, eliminate clutter, restore order and give peace of mind:

  • Linen closet: are you really going to use those old sheets?
  • Laundry room: mismatched socks, boxes of hangers, clothes to be repaired?
  • Utility closet: use organizers for batteries, tools, flashlights and lightbulbs.
  • The Home Office: old files, paperwork, binders, outdated schedules, etc.
  • Kitchen drawers: broken utensils, mismatched Tupperware, old dishware
  • Junk drawers: in every room
  • Hang those pictures
  • Playroom/ den: duplicate games, broken toys, bits and pieces
  • Storage closets: get rid of the skeletons

And lastly, make a list of those unfinished projects waiting to be completed. Whether it is a half finished airplane model or an antique chair that needs an arm glued, give it a time and a place or get rid of it! It is often said that one’s personal space and environment is a reflection of the mind; de-cluttering your custom built home and restoring order will provide mental clarity and peace.

We wish you a Peaceful New Year!