Mom’s make home, well home. They cook for you, clean for you, take care of the laundry, simply take care of everyone. So, on Mother’s Day, take care of mom in her own home. A custom home is the perfect place to be pampered.

Let her have the day off! No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, don’t let her do a single thing. Moms are so busy taking care of the home that they rarely get to enjoy it, so on Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect time to allow her that luxury of truly relaxing and enjoying her own home. Start the day off right by getting up early and making sure the house is clean and there is nothing mom will feel she needs to do.

The custom kitchen is the best place to begin and get the whole family involved, cook mom her favorite breakfast while she is sleeping in. Fresh flowers and her special breakfast should be delivered to the bedroom suite where she can enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

After breakfast, create a spa at home for mom in her master bath. Select a few of her favorites to pamper her. Favorite bath salts, body wash and lotion selected for her so she can enjoy a soak in the tub or a steam shower. A new candle or two will set the tone for relaxation too. Mom’s rarely allow themselves this luxury, so give her the gift of time to enjoy this.

What else does the lady of the house enjoy but doesn’t ever get to do? Pick up a few of her favorite magazines or a new book she’s been wanting to read and let her lounge on the porch or curl up in the family room. If you live in a custom lake home and it’s a beautiful day out, enjoy the water. Perhaps sitting on the pier or a boat ride. It’s her day, think creatively and make it easy for her to spend the day doing what she loves.

Mom’s love to spend time with their family too, so be sure to take time for a family activity. Perhaps playing a game, going for a walk or watching a movie.

When it’s time for dinner, take over in the kitchen! Pour mom her favorite cocktail or mocktail, let her put her feet up and get cooking! Whether your grilling on the patio or making her favorite dish indoors, don’t let mom lift a finger! Set the table and bring out the “good dishes”, it’s a special day. Open a special bottle of wine and don’t forget the dessert! Maybe something chocolate! And most importantly, don’t forget to clean up after.

As evening settles in, end the day the way mom wants to. Her favorite television show, a good book, or perhaps the luxury of going to bed early. A wonderful gift idea is a new pair pajamas and slippers. Turn the bed down and let her have the night off.

Mother’s Day is all about remembering and loving mom. Gifts from the heart are the best gifts of all and thanks and gratitude for all mom does is what she deserves. This year give your mom the opportunity to enjoy the day without doing a thing!