Brumder Drive

  • Colby Construction, Custom Home Builder and custom lake country home
  • Colby Construction, Custom Home Builder and custom lake country home

When you’re driving through Lake Country, you can’t help but notice the brilliant homes that trim the shorelines of glittering Pewaukee Lake, North Lake, Nagawicka Lake, Pine Lake, and all of the lakes giving Lake Country its moniker. Colby Construction is Wisconsin’s custom home builder, and many of the jaw-dropping homes that catch your eye are showpieces of Colby Construction’s expertise.

Take the Brumder Drive home, for instance. The Brumder Drive custom home was designed in 2011 with a unique architectural blend of a traditional lake-lodge style and contemporary, modern-day home style. As you can see, the result surpassed expectations.

Colby Construction worked with resources from across the world: plumbing from London, lighting from Paris, tile from Italy, and that’s just to name a few. But it’s not the lighting or tiling that attract the eye, impressive as they may be. It’s the home’s post and beam style that makes for the striking exterior, a style that continues into the interior, making for a harmonious blend between outside and in. This home is an exquisite combination of both contemporary and traditional lake home styles and a noteworthy testament to the extraordinary skills of Wisconsin’s custom home builder.

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