Cindy Lane

Not all lake homes are a stone’s throw away from the lake. Some lake homes have water frontage away from the home itself, as in the case of the Cindy Lane custom home, built in 2010. While some lake homes function solely for visits to the lake, the Milwaukee home building luxury found in the Cindy Lane custom home makes the home livable for any family at any stage of life.

Colby Construction worked with highly informed owners who researched to determine exactly what they wanted, things like the kind of windows to use and the mechanical details – how will the heating and cooling aspects work? The collaboration between Colby Construction, the owners and the architect created a home that is comfortable and inviting all year round.

And the best part of the Cindy Lane custom home? The screened-in porch that is also comfortable and inviting all year round. From the water frontage to the pool, from the dining room to the den, Cindy Lane is a home for enjoying no matter the season.

Project Details