Lakeside Retreat

When a luxury home becomes outdated, it is natural to implement a remodel. Transforming an older home into an edifice of modern, contemporary trends is a different story, and one that required Colby Construction, Milwaukee’s custom home builders, to help write the happy ending.

Colby Construction remodeled the Lakeside Retreat in 2012, changing almost every part of the home, from the exterior walls to the plumbing systems. Colby kept the foundation of the home and the well, but reconstructed the Lakeside Retreat custom home in all other aspects, including an addition to the home, the building of new decks, alterations to the walls, and more.

The Lakeside Retreat’s most prominent feature plays up its best attribute: its lakeside location. Giant panels of glass serve as walls for much of the home, and glass sliding doors ensure that the vibrancy of the outdoors is never far away. Converting a home into a modern marvel of architecture and design is a challenge, but one that Milwaukee’s custom home builders delight in.

Project Details