Maple Lane

  • Centerpiece of your Custom Home

Why would a home owner wish to remodel an entire home, rather than starting from scratch with a new construction? For some lake home owners, it’s to retain their home’s premium place right on the lake’s shoreline. For the Maple Lane custom home, starting from scratch would have meant moving the house back 150-feet in order to abide by the local Wisconsin municipality’s property regulations. Maple Lane is on a densely wooded lot, and moving the home back would have destroyed the enchanted atmosphere of a wooded lake home.

The solution? An expansive remodel, beginning with the inclusion of a basement. To add a basement without tearing down the building, Colby Construction lifted the entire home, created the basement, dropped the house back down, and then began the remodel of Maple Lane. For Wisconsin’s custom home builder, transforming the old into the new at Maple Lane meant combining craftsmanship with ingenuity. Much of the ingenuity is owed to the group responsible for designing the plans to transform Maple Lane into a modern lake home: Konstant Architecture.

Walking into Maple Lane after the 2009 project is like walking into an entirely new home. The layout of the home is entirely altered. The windows in the home are in different locations. But, the essence of the home remains unchanged: a fascinating home steps away from the lake, surrounded by towering trees and chirping birds, wrapped in its own quiet piece of Lake Country.


Project Details