Preserving History When Remodeling a Luxury Lake Home

One of the luxuries afforded when remodeling a classic lake home is the ability to incorporate the history of the home into the future memories and traditions of your own family. Old houses have their own stories to tell, and one of the goals in remodeling an older home to modern specifications of the new family should be to continue the tale, weaving newly imagined and complementary features into the unique history of the original home. As one noted designer remarked, “the beauty of living with old things is that they’ve had a life before you, and anything you do to them will only add to that life”.

An extensive renovation rather than demolition of an old residence is generally born out of a passion or connection to the existing structure, rather than a practical decision. Luxury custom home builders have extensive experience and breathtaking examples of preserving some spirit of the old while ushering in the life of the current family. The opportunities for simultaneous preservation and rebirth are plentiful in many of the grand lake homes in Southeastern Wisconsin’s lake country area, from reclaimed materials, doors, flooring, windows, fireplaces and structural ornamentation. The tradition of lake living also evokes the image of relaxation, recreation and comfort. Using elements with a timeworn look brings its own form of comfort of being “broken in” and lovingly enjoyed.

The following home focused on weaving the history of the original property into a new custom built luxury home, drawing upon the architectural elements of a turn of the century Tudor cottage. The historic cottage was faithfully restored on the property, and the complementary luxury lake home with modern conveniences seamlessly blended the old with the new. Throughout the newly created home, old world style craftsmanship of oil-rubbed wooden beams, plasterwork, masonry and authentic wrought iron accents preserve the integrity of the cottage’s history and replicate its unique design.

Cottage_LR Custom home builder use of reclaimed materials. DoorKnocker2_LR

Older properties and residences can provide inspiration for the repurposing of reclaimed items not original to the property. With its architectural bones and ornamentation as a blueprint, incorporating elements of personal meaning, whether through heritage or travels add significant personal connection to the soul of the home. Old washtubs, tiling, doors, mantels and doors can all weave different pieces of history into the new story that will begin to unfold from the renovation.

Building a new home versus renovating creates just as many opportunities to blend old and new. The discovery of treasures around the world add a personal connection to history from other reaches of the world, a reflection of travels, an opportunity for creative re-imagining of function.

When renovating an old lake home, customizing it for your family’s lifestyle, consider ways to blend its unique history and traditions with your own, as new life is being breathed into its re-imagination.