March is here and spring is around the corner. This time of the year the residents of Southeastern Wisconsin are hoping and praying for warmer weather and the end of winter’s snow and ice. With spring comes water, from the melting ice and snow to spring rainfalls. We love seeing the cold and dreary months fade away, but there are some things we should do to protect your custom home in the spring thaw.picture of the exterior of a blue home for Colby blog about protecting your custom home

March is the most dangerous time of year for ice accumulation, as the temperature fluctuates above and below freezing. Once the warm weather is officially here, make sure to protect your homes from any damage that can be caused when the snow and ice around your homes begin to melt. Here are some tips on what to do as the warm weather begins and what to continue to look for in the upcoming weeks after all the snow has melted. The following tips can help keep your space safe in the spring defrost.

Snow Removal

Start by moving any piles of snow or ice away from your home. You don’t want melting snow going directly into your basement, so move it out of the way.

Clear the Gutters

When water overflows out of the gutter, it can run down the side of your house and into any area that isn’t sealed. Ensure that your downspouts are free from ice dams and that they are extended at least two meters from your home. This will help keep moisture away from your foundation.

Keep a Close Eye

Watch for signs in areas that could be damaged. These signs can include a damp smell, wet carpet, walls that are peeling or bowing, or a dripping sound in exterior walls.

Check for Cracks

Holes or cracks in the walls of your basement is an invitation for entry for outside water to come through. Look at the foundation walls outside as well as the walls inside. Patch any cracks that you can see and call in a professional if you need more assistance.

Consider a Sump Pump

A sump pump system will pump any water that comes into the crack out to an area away from your house.

Remove Ice from the Roofpicture of the exterior of a blue home with melting snow for Colby blog abou protecting your custom home

This may be a project to hire a professional for, but get the ice and snow removed before it causes damage.

Once the weather has officially warmed up, still be mindful of water damage. After the snow has cleared and you are getting ready for spring projects, you can still be at risk for water damage. The freezing and thawing may cause breaks in your water or sprinkler lines. If you have any loss in pressure, you should get your lines looked at.

Look for signs of problems that can be fixed. Water damage can take a while to become visible, so watch for signs that will help you prepare for next winter. Do you need to add a downspout where the gutter overflows? Should you add extensions to your downspouts to get water away from the house? Is there siding damage next to an area where the water drips? 

Spring is a wonderful time of year, so enjoy it without the worry of mother nature creating nightmares for you and your home. Taking action now can prevent issues around the corner. Want to learn more about how to protect your custom home this spring? Colby Construction is here to help! Contact us here to discuss further.