A true custom luxury home is a continual work in progress, always evolving to meet the changing needs of the homeowners. There are so many reasons (or excuses) to reimagine the utility of certain living spaces, from kids moving out or back in, new babies, new pets, new hobbies or a new business. Perhaps it is just time to refresh or reimagine a space that is not being used to its full potential, breathe some life into it, yielding a newly functional addition to your home.

Some of the most common areas of a home that undergo a transformation once family needs repurposing includes: child bedrooms into guest rooms, or vice versa; bedroom to home office; basement playroom to teen activity room; spare room to home gym. Obviously, the options and the opportunities are unique for every home and family, based on their changing lifestyle needs and dynamics. Adapting living spaces to be more functional as family life evolves should be neither daunting nor delayed; it keeps the emphasis on “custom” and ensures your home’s dream status.

One Lake Country family underestimated the personal living space their son and daughter would need as they reached teenage years. In particular, sharing a bathroom had lost its charm and the bedroom closet was too inadequate for a fashion-conscious teen girl. This project came on the heels of another room transformation project they embarked on 2 years earlier: updating the lower level playroom/TV room to be more appealing to teenagers and adults alike, having moved on from the toddler toys.

The first “update” project was a fairly standard issue in that it took a usable space, upgraded the furniture and design and refashioned the space with different entertainment options (with a pool/ping pong table as the main attraction). A new layout, complete with updated cabinetry, bar area, lighting, flooring and built in entertainment systems transformed their lower level into a versatile, inviting gathering space for family and friends.

Shore Acres Family RoomGame Room

As the images show, careful thought was given to utilizing every inch of this generous space, incorporating seating in multiple areas, as well as a murphy bed artfully tucked into a wall as an additional guest amenity.

The homeowner simultaneously added a new hot-tub to the patio and refreshed the outdoor seating to extend the entertaining options outdoors, maximizing enjoyment of their epic lake views. Updated doors provided a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces, a dream for entertaining.

The challenge of the most recently completed project was to carve out space for a second bathroom and expanded closet within the established 2nd floor layout of this carefully designed dream lake home. Next week’s blog will dissect the process of utilizing “dead space” when updating living spaces customized to a family’s ever-changing needs.