This week we are featuring a lower-level remodel of a custom lake home called Shore Acres. We’ll talk about remodeling a custom lake home in a way that fits with a growing family’s needs and lifestyle.

Over ten years ago, a young couple with two young children built a Nantucket style home on the shores of the lake where she had grown up. It had been a wonderful place to grow up, and she could imagine nothing more perfect than raising her two young children on this same peaceful, Caribbean-blue lake in the heart of the Midwest. The house they built was lovely, and the years seemed to slip by as they raised their children.

A Growing Family

There was always one part of the home that did not function the way the rest of the home did. The lower level has full exterior exposure, allowing it to be truly part of the home, but the Shore Acres homeowners thought that the space felt segmented from the rest of the house, like a  “basement,” not a functional living space.  As their young children grew into young teens, they decided it was time to re-create the space.

The Custom Home Builder of Wisconsin

The couple knew about Colby Construction. They knew that Colby’s owner, Pete Feichtmeier, has a reputation for building premier, high-end custom lake homes and they asked him to look at the space.  They shared their desires and their family lifestyle; they wanted a space for their children to enjoy, a space for them to entertain, a space to host their out-of-town family and guests. The Colby Construction team listened to them and then got to work creating a plan that would allow this Shore Acres family to finally truly enjoy their lower level space in their luxury custom lake home.

This Shore Acres family loves to be active, to play ping pong, to eat together, to entertain, to bring the outdoors in and indoors out. The Colby team listened to the client’s needs, and the results have exceeded the family’s expectations. When they initially built the house, they did not consider how the lower level would function with the rest of the home. They now have an area that meets their needs.

The redesigned custom space:

• Allows for entertaining both adults, teens and children

• Provides a positive environment for exercise

• Offers a space for entering the home off the lake and from the new hot tub

• Includes a space inside and an outside area for gaming and playing as a family

In the words of the owners: “We now feel we have a truly new, functional, quality living space. It FEELS like it is part of our home.”

The homeowners selected Colby Construction to renew and recreate their home because of the strong reputation associated with Colby. The Shore Acres family feels that the quality product they received was worth the price. They feel secure and confident that Colby Construction will continue with them as their family’s journey continues.  They feel confident that they will be taken care of now and in the future.

Next week, we will look at a few of the unique space saving and functional transitions that truly make the Shore Acres lower level unique.

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