Leaving summer and moving into fall is a transitional period, kids are heading back to school, temperatures start to drop, and the lazy, carefree days of the warm months change to structure and routine once again.  

Seasonal Transitions in Your Custom Home

Seasonal transitions are the perfect time to give your HVAC a rest and let Mother Nature in on temperature control. Open your windows on cool evenings for comfortable sleeping or throw open your blinds when the sun is out to welcome in the warmth if your home is chilly. You can also cut down on your HVAC use during these moderate transitions by doing things like using your oven to cook dinner when it’s cool or keeping appliance-generated heat under control by using your crockpot when your home is warm. If you choose a temperature that your house will trend towards without running your system, you can leave your HVAC on all the time but only have it run to make small indoor temperature adjustments. This will help you avoid having to turn the heater or AC on full blast to get to a comfortable temperature. 

Seasonal transitions are also the perfect time for home repair and maintenance. Make an appointment to have an inspection of your HVAC system and make any repairs that are necessary before winter comes along. Getting HVAC maintenance will ensure that your system runs as effectively as possible when you use it during seasonal transitions and will help you avoid HVAC emergencies on those cold Wisconsin days when you need it the most. 

Other areas of the home that require attention during the seasonal transitions are the roof, chimney, and gutters. Fall is good time to have your fireplace and chimney cleaned. When the temperatures drop, a cozy fire on a cool evening is inviting and enjoyable. Be sure both the chimney and the fireplace are ready before starting a fire. An inspection of the roof is always a good idea before the snow falls, to make sure any maintenance needs are taken care of prior to heavy snow falls. Cleaning out the gutters after the leaves come down is also necessary if you want to avoid a bigger mess come spring. 

Now that you’ve checked and taken care of the mechanics and structural parts of your custom home for the seasonal transition, be sure to make seasonal changes in your home décor as well. Adding rich colors into your space with throw pillows and soft warm throws in your family rooms and bedrooms creates a cozy feeling in the home. Candles with scents of autumn, like pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple burning in the home is a perfect transition to turning inward and looking forward to spending more time indoors. 

While it is always sad to see summer go, autumn is southeastern Wisconsin is absolutely beautiful, and taking care of your custom home during seasonal changes will prepare you for the next season. Once the maintenance and care have been taken care of you can enjoy the beauty of the fall.