The state of Wisconsin is currently dealing with COVID-19 and the “Stay-At-Home” order, like much of the country and world. It is in effect for one month and leaves people feeling isolated, frightened and concerned. There has never been a better time to be living in a custom-built home. Your home is a place of comfort and security and during this difficult time, and we hope it can also be a space of reconnecting, laughter and joy.

Your family is likely going through the process of adapting to this new lifestyle, so let’s break it down room by room to create a home an environment that will work for everyone living is that space.

The Security and Comfort of a Custom-Built Home

Online School

With kids home and navigating school in a way no other generation has done in the past, try to create an area they will not be distracted in. If there are several children in your house, you will want to have them in different areas if possible. For instance, the dining room table can double as a desk, as can the kitchen island. Study spaces can be in the living room or their bedroom if they have a desk. Help them be consistent in following a schedule and help where you can. Encourage them to take breaks and create cozy nooks for reading and resting.

Working from Home

Many businesses have been deemed non-essential, so working from home alongside your children’s homeschooling can get tricky. Households with two working parents will have to find space to attend Zoom meetings and be on conference calls. Get creative: you might have to take turns using the home office and the kitchen island.

Dining In

Families are having the opportunity to sit down as a family and eat together every day! Most families are typically running between sports and activities and are lucky to make this happen once a week. This truly is a gift right now, so work together and plan the meals. Engage everyone in the family, taking turns selecting dinner and helping with or preparing it. Your custom kitchen is equipped to make this easy to do, so make it fun for everyone. Try theme nights: start in your bar with a cocktail and move into the dining room for dinner. Life as we know it has certainly slowed down, so this is a chance to make mealtimes enjoyable, instead of the rushed “grab and go” that is typical with busy families.


This really is the opportunity to pull out creative ideas and get active. Does your custom-built home have a gym? Take advantage of it and the online streaming workouts, yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes that are being offered for free right now. Your family room is the perfect place to start a puzzle or play board and card games. Bake cookies, create art projects and have movie nights. Read a book or magazine by the fire with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

Pamper Yourself

This is a stressful time, so don’t forget some self-care. Your master bedroom can be a place to escape for a bit. Enjoy a steam shower, take a bath, relax and unwind. It is important to try to stay calm so you can be your best self.

Enjoy every part of your home! Enjoy your patio as the weather begins to warm up and clean out that forgotten closet or spare bedroom. This is a challenging time, but your home can be a place of comfort and connection.  Make the most of this time and work together as a family to make it as successful as it can be.