The modern active family has inspired many creative storage solutions to accommodate increasing needs for organizing collections of “stuff” that tends to accumulate. The larger the home or the family, the more interests and hobbies tend to be represented. And the more space that is available, the more tends to be used up with accumulation. While organizing with storage bins and closets can provide easily navigable systems for placement and retrieval, shelving systems allow for beautiful and orderly displays of the more important treasures that should be regularly enjoyed. Read on for shelving solutions that will solve storage and display conundrums in your  custom built home.

Shelving Solutions to Solve Storage and Display in Your Custom Built Home

Built-ins beyond the standard cabinetry are an increasingly common feature of newer construction custom luxury homes. Depending on the piece, its utility the desired aesthetic, custom storage or shelving systems can be simply constructed with paint grade wood or expertly crafted or carved out of the finest woods to be a standout feature in the room. Built-in shelving units are extremely practical, allowing for versatility in storage and display and minimizing the need for additional stand-alone furniture pieces. The following home offers an excellent example of how different styles of built-in shelving suit the particular living space’s décor and the intended utility for the space.

This bonus room’s wall unit is beautifully constructed with a rich wood, offering storage and display options, while cleverly disguising the murphy bed which punctuates the room’s versatility:

Shelving Solutions to Solve Storage and Display in Your Custom Built Home - Bonus Room

The great room’s built-in units consist of simple white cabinets and floating shelves set within recessed areas on either side of the fireplace. The white woodwork is a seamless extension of the fireplace mantle, window trim and lattice-beamed ceiling, supporting the room’s bright, airy feel:

Shelving Solutions to Solve Storage and Display in Your Custom Built Home - Great Room

Living spaces that are most commonly identified as needing shelving solutions for organized storage tend to be family rooms, recreational rooms, offices and kitchens. However, creative shelving units can be incorporated into spaces not typically associated with storage, such as hallways, stairwells and even above door frames. These less obvious spaces contain many opportunities for both storage and display, as they are primary vehicles of traffic flow throughout the home. Additionally, incorporating shelving in the home’s private quarters, such as bedroom hallways, offer opportunities for more personal and casual collections of photographs and memories.

Many creative homeowners have reimagined standard shelving solutions, along with their placement within rooms, making them as much works of art as the collections they display. Artful shelving arrangements also allow tremendous versatility for homeowners to constantly recreate the art and objects on display. The following Pinterest link is a collection of unique shelving designs that extend beyond the ordinary solution for everyday storage, adding new dimension to shelves in virtually any room in the home: