As the harsh memories of winter fade away with the snow, your custom home may be in need of some repairs or updates. When spring is in the air, the desire to make changes to our home is normal: why just spring clean when you can really freshen up your home? Perhaps you are considering adding a three-season room to your home, or giving your boathouse a facelift, or remodeling the lower level or your entire home. Spring is a fresh start and a new beginning, which is why it is often the time of year we have cabin fever and are ready to make changes to brighten up our homes.

Colby Care

Did you know Colby Construction offers Colby Care Division? Colby Care offers custom home maintenance, management and upkeep. Colby’s client benefits continue long after your home is built, and spring is the time of year that maintenance and upkeep are needed. Perhaps you need the filters in the HVAC changed or your window screens updated. The Colby Care team will keep your home not only functioning, but also looking beautiful. From simple spring maintenance like these examples of upkeep, to additions, to remodels, share your dreams with Colby and it can happen.

The harsh Midwest winters will require the need to examine the roof for damage caused by snow and ice. Check window and door trims along with decks and deck hand rails to be sure the winter didn’t create cracks or loosen anything up. Be sure the gutters are intact and are draining properly. Clogged gutters or drainage issues can create water damage in your basement. The chimney should also be checked for any damage. Home maintenance is extremely important and who better to check your home’s needs and make the repairs but Colby Care?

Perhaps the scale of the project is larger. Is it time to update the kitchen cabinets? Or add new tile in the bathroom? From small projects to large, let Colby Construction tackle it for you. Colby Construction’s clients are treated with top priority and a personal connection, making the remodel or maintenance work fit within your life without being overly intrusive. If you are ready for that fresh look, contact Colby Construction to discuss your spring project.

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