Memorial Day weekend is upon us in southeastern Wisconsin, which means it is also the kick off to summer! The long winter months are behind us, and Wisconsinites make the most of the warm months ahead and try to pack in as much as possible. Lake living in Waukesha County means boating, fishing, swimming and entertaining. Following is a list to get your custom lake home set for summer in your custom lake home!

Check your air conditioner and get it serviced. 

It is not uncommon in this state to be running your heat one day and your air conditioner the next. Having your air not work when the hot summer days are suddenly upon us is an uncomfortable situation. Check your A/C and take time to do a little maintenance to ensure you will be cool and comfortable in the warm days ahead. 

Start by changing the system’s filter. Clogged and dirty filters make air conditioning systems work harder, stay on longer and cost more to run. Hopefully, you’re already changing your heating and air filters every two to four months, depending on how much dust, pet hair, and the like are in your home. Summer is the best time to get started on that cycle with your air conditioning filter, so you don’t start the season with one that’s old and dirty. 

Try out your unit before it’s needed. Turn it on to see how it’s cooling. If the A/C doesn’t kick on, check your circuit breakers or fuses. If it still won’t start up or cool like you think it should, call a professional. 

Clean your gutters and downspouts. 

Winter and spring in Wisconsin can be brutal and can leave behind a lot of clutter and debris in your gutters. There can be damage that may lead to leaks that let water in your basement if the downspouts are clogged. Consider hiring a pro for this job, especially if your house is more than one story. 

If you are going to tackle the job by yourself, have a sturdy ladder, gloves, a trowel and a hose. Use the trowel to scoop the debris out of the gutters and then hose them out. 

Be sure water from the downspouts flows away from your house to keep it from collecting around the foundation which can cause leaks in your basement. This job is essential as it can save a lot of headaches and bigger problems down the road. 

Spruce up with potted and planted flowers. 

Nothing says summer is here more than beautiful flowers! Make this a family activity and get everyone involved! Potted flowers at the entryway of your home, on the pier at the lake and patios and porches makes everything seem fresh and adds a pop of color. Get the planting beds in order and add some perennials and annuals to them.  

Clean off the patio furniture and get ready for relaxing. 

Pull out the furniture that has been hidden away all winter long. Whether you are hanging a hammock or setting out the patio table and lounge chairs, give everything a good bath and cleaning for outdoor seating for the summer. Summer furniture needs care and upgrading just like interior furniture, so perhaps a new umbrella or new cushions are in order. Be sure you have power washed the deck or patio prior to getting it all set out. Maybe add some fun throw pillows in for an extra splash of color this year! 

Check on the outdoor water faucets. 

Summer means having outdoor water available. Be sure your outdoor spigots and irrigation system are functioning after the rough winter. Turn water back on and connect your hoses to be sure everything is intact and not leaking. A slow trickle may mean you have a problem in your pipes, so be sure to call a plumber if the water isn’t flowing like it should. 

If you have an in-ground irrigation system, get your timer set for the summer and test it to make sure it is in proper order. A tune-up will ensure your system is operating efficiently. 

Freshen up and stock up the indoors. 

The dark days of winter are gone. Change out the bedding in all the bedrooms for lighter, brighter comforters and blankets. Place fresh flower throughout the house to brighten things up. Wash the interiors of the windows and screens to let the summer breeze in. It’s also the perfect time to stock up for summer, as entertaining and lake living go hand in hand. Check your inventory of paper plates, napkins and plastic utensils and restock as needed. Be sure to have plenty of beverages and snacks on hand too.


While the summer months seem to go by far too quickly, if you take some time before summer is in full swing to get your custom lake home “summer ready”, you will be able to relax and enjoy it that much more! Cheers to summer and lake living! Check out our Outdoor Living Board on Pinterest for fun patio ideas!