It does not seem that long ago that having a cable, phone jack and a speaker system in your home was considered high tech. Technology opportunities in your home are endless and can make your life more convenient and easier. Options for larger, more complex homes need to be discussed with you builder when you are in the planning stages of your custom built home. From control systems for entertainment, security, lighting, heating and cooling systems and appliances, there is a new level of high tech.

Technology in your Custom Home

High-definition TVs and speakers are found throughout new homes, along with home theatres, automated lighting, window furnishings and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and of course, wired or wireless Internet in every room. The good news is, controlling these systems has never been easier.

With a Wi-Fi network and the touch of your finger, you can use your mobile device to adjust everything in your home from your lights to your security system—even while you’re on vacation out of the country!

There are so many options and opportunities to have a tech savvy home, from doorbells with built in HD cameras and microphones that you can speak with whoever is ringing your doorbell from wherever you are, to remote control light dimmers so that you can control the lights in any room from any place in your house. But how do you keep everything together and learn to control all of your options? It’s simple: integration.

Integration offers many conveniences, but it can also create a whole new experience. Today, complex house systems are being integrated, allowing a homeowner to access lights, heating, security and other systems with a single touchscreen. The touchscreen can have multiple subsystems, including each room’s audio, video, security, lighting, HVAC, and cameras. These allow the homeowner to control them from different user interfaces throughout the home. From any touchscreen, a homeowner can control nearly anything, whether they want to start a movie in the theater, view the exterior, activate the door to open for guests or warm up the hot tub.

Technology advances can be a smaller scale as well, like universal remote controls, apps on your smart phone and an iPad that allows you to control your appliances, lights and HVAC. There are many options and many levels.

Talk to your builder about home automation and integration. Whether you’re considering control systems now, or may consider them in the future, you will want to include your plans in the pre-wiring of your new home.