We may not give a lot of thought to the bathrooms in our home, but when building a new custom home, bathrooms (master bathrooms in particular) should be thoughtfully planned out. In some ways, the bathroom is the most personal room in the home because it’s where we prepare ourselves for the day. The beauty of a custom bathroom lies in all the options you can choose from. Having a custom bathroom that is functional and inspiring is an investment you will be happy you made down the road. The price of the materials and labor used in the bathroom make these spaces expensive, and the price can vary based on the style and details used in this room. 

The Beauty of a Custom Bathroom

When designing the bathrooms for your new home, there are many things to take into consideration. Starting with a wish list is a good idea for the master bath in particular. Do you want a walk-in tiled shower? Heated floors? A soaking tub or a whirlpool tub? What style cabinets and how many will you need? What type of material will be on the vanity top? Dream big when you are making the wish list—how about heated towel bars? It is a good idea to look at bathroom showrooms and look online. Houzz and Pinterest are filled with ideas for the perfect bathroom. 

custom bathrooms by Colby Construction


The functionality of the bathroom is essential when thinking through your needs. Lighting, counter space, and storage space all need to be thought out. Do you want closed cabinets or open shelving? The vanity space and storage will affect you every day as you start your morning. Once you have determined what your space needs to be functional, you can start thinking about the design.  

custom bathrooms by Colby Construction


Bathrooms should be beautiful. Contemplating your style and the materials you choose to personalize your space needs to be well thought out and will make it interesting. This can be accomplished with materials that are both attractive and durable, from the mirrors to the hardware, light fixtures, and faucets. Consider a unique piece of furniture for the vanity or a custom-built cabinet.  Select different tiles for the shower that coordinate with the rest of the bathroom, along with the vanity top options, hardware style, and flooring to give the space its own unique flare.

custom bathrooms by Colby Construction


The master bath is not the only restroom in the house. Often custom homes include in-suite baths in all the bedrooms, guest baths, and of course the powder room. Like the master custom bathroom, you can create an inviting, functional space for all the bathrooms throughout the home. 

The elements of design in bathrooms to be considered to tie in with the adjoining rooms include the vanity, the cabinet style, the hardware, the light fixtures, the countertop, the mirrors, the flooring, and the tile for the shower. 

Each of these elements should be selected along with the consideration of your style and the functionality. The cabinets alone offer so many different options. First, consider if you want them painted or stained. Stained cabinets come at a higher price point and offer a certain look and feel. On the other hand, painted cabinets offer a larger selection of color options. The style of the panel brings more options to choose from: shaker-style (flat, clean, classic) or a variation of the shaker (beaded edge or beadboard panel), raised panel (the most traditional style), applied molding (layered look with a vintage appeal) and the slab door (modern and clean). 

custom bathrooms by Colby Construction

When your bathrooms are completed, you want a space that is relaxing and comfortable to start and end your day in. See our custom bathrooms on our Houzz page