Colby Construction is Milwaukee’s premier custom home builder, so it is our desire to make the process of building your dream home a reality and one that is also enjoyable. The goal is that your experience is enjoyable and that when your home is complete, it is exactly what you always dreamed of.

Follow these eight tips to make building your custom lake home simple – for you and your whole family!

Tips to Make Building Your Custom Lake Home Simple

1. Start Pinning

Pinterest inspiration boards make it easy and fun to start collecting your thoughts and ideas. Make a different board for all the rooms and areas you think you want in your new custom home; kitchen, bathrooms, family room, three season rooms, laundry rooms, exteriors. Whatever you are dreaming of, pin it!

Once you have created your boards, look at what themes, colors and ideas keep repeating. This will help you narrow down the look and feel you want. Check out our Pinterest site to get ideas.

Tips to Make Building Your Custom Lake Home Simple

2. Find it on Houzz

If you think it has been done, it probably has and you can find it on Houzz. This website is full of information and you may even find that light fixture you’ve been dreaming of but have no idea how to track down. Houzz features homes, ideas, decorating tips and experts in every area waiting to answer your questions. Simply “pin” a favorite kitchen onto your Pinterest kitchen board! We enjoy showing our work on Houzz.

3.  Bring in the Experts

Interior designers and architects will help you create a dream home that flows well and will help you get it right from the beginning. Colby Construction has an in-house designer, and we will help you create a home plan or work directly with your architect. When working with your consultants, your Pinterest boards will help everyone understand the look you desire.

4. Samples Galore

Once you’ve made some of your major selections (tiles, countertops, flooring), keep samples of these items with you to make sure other selections tie in with these choices. From the color to the feel of these selections, it will go a long way when deciding on complementary materials and items.

5. Know what you Know

Make a decision up front on items that are non-negotiable. If there are items you simply cannot do without, stick to those and make cuts in other places. If there is a tile you simply must have in your kitchen or type of wood flooring, be sure to stick to it. You won’t regret that when the project is complete.

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6. Consistency is Key

Keep the same feel throughout the house: a consistent color palette, similar textures in hardware and fittings will make the home feel well designed and give it a an inviting feel throughout.

7. Follow your Instincts

If you feel passionate about something you want in your dream home, stick to it and make sure whatever that is (for example, if you must have a built in coffee machine, or a large closet)… follow your gut, knowing it is something you truly want in your custom home, you will be happier upon move-in day!

8. Take Time to Enjoy It

This is what you have been waiting for! You have been searching for the perfect lake lot, possibly for years,  and now that the time has come, enjoy the process and have fun! Building a home can be stressful, but let Colby Construction guide you through the process…and enjoy it.