Gone are the days of homes all being neutral tones. In 2021, there are more exterior house paint colors than ever that will inspire you when selecting the exterior color for your custom lake home. Learn about the top exterior colors for custom built homes below.

Top Exterior Colors for Custom Built Homes


There’s a lot of debate over the perfect white for your home’s exterior, but you can’t go wrong with a classic, crisp shade, especially with a pop of color on your front door. Consider a deep blue or red front door to draw the eye to the front. Our white recommendation: Sherwin Williams Dover White


Taupe paint comes in a range of tints, like green or grey, making it easy to totally customize your home’s exterior. Our taupe color suggestion: Benjamin Moore Vintage Taupe



One of the most on-trend colors, a light gray exterior gives your home an ultra-modern feel. Our color suggestion: Sherwin Williams Modern Gray



Just as popular as light gray, but opting for a darker shade gives your home an elevated level of sophistication. A dark-gray color suggestion: Farrow & Ball Charleston Gray


Picking a gray-blue gives your home more warmth and whimsy than a typical gray. We recommend this gray-blue: Sherwin Williams Misty

Sage Green:

A sage green home presents an earthy tone that lets you accentuate other things like trim and landscaping. A nice selection for sage: Valspar Sparkling Sage

Dark Blue:

A dark blue exterior paired with the warm glow of lights inside makes the perfect setting to come home to. White trim makes the dark blue really pop. Our dark blue suggestion: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Things to consider when choosing exterior paint colors

Keep these seven considerations in mind when settling on your exterior house paint ideas.

1. Landscaping

If you are active in your yard and have a variety of decorative plants, consider how your house’s color will look with the yard. If you like bright, bold colors, will they contrast with your yard in the spring and summer months? If you live on a lake, how does it look from the lakeside?

2. Neighbors

Though your immediate neighbors shouldn’t dictate what color you choose for your home, you should keep them in mind. If you plan to sell your home one day, you don’t want your home to stand out for all of the wrong reasons. A color that stands out, but that also complements the homes beside yours will make your home seem more harmonious with your neighborhood. It’s also a good idea to check with your Homeowners Association as they could have rules about which colors you can paint your house.

3. Your home’s materials

If your home has either brick or stone anywhere on the exterior, you’ll want to choose colors that don’t conflict with your home’s natural exterior color schemes. Both brick and stone can have colors that stand out all by themselves, so any color you choose to go beside them needs to complement those materials.

4. Your Roof

Whether you have a tin roof or a shingled roof, your home’s exterior color needs to be harmonious with your roof’s color. You don’t need to match the roof color with whatever color you’re choosing to paint your exterior – but they do need to complement one another. A good general rule of thumb is to pair warm siding colors with warm roof colors and cool siding colors with cool roof colors.

5. The size of your home

If you want your home to appear bigger, a lighter, pastel color will make it appear bigger. If you’re worried homebuyers will discount your home because of its size, go with a lighter shade.

6. Paint longevity

If you do not want the maintenance or do not want to spend the money to paint your home every five years, then you’ll want to steer away from darker colors. The darker the color, the quicker they fade over time.

7. Resale value

If the plan is to sell in a few years, you don’t want to pick a color that will not be desirable to potential buyers. A bright pink house may seem perfect for you, but to other people, it might seem repulsive!