The honeymoon cottage built for the daughter of an American businessman on the shores of a prestigious lake in southeastern Wisconsin in the early 1900’s became the beloved cottage in the 1990’s for a family of five. Now, we’re transforming it into a custom Lake Country home. 

The OldMilwaukee custom lake country home

When the cottage owners decided to build their custom lake country home, their dream home with Colby Construction, it was decided to keep the adored cottage intact and build the home around it. The charming cottage had details and old world craftsmanship that became the blue print for the new home. Pete Feichtmeier and the team at Colby embraced the idea and worked with the owners to make this happen.

The New

The demeanor of the cottage and the many details in it were used to create a unified feel throughout the home. The living room is now a perfect “family room;” the bedroom was transformed into an office. And the kitchen, the original cottage kitchen, was converted to a lovey wine grotto perfect for entertaining and savoring a glass of wine with friends.

A Custom Lake Country Home

The beams of the ceiling and exterior posts were duplicated and carried out into the new home. Unique doorknockers and light fixtures were also reused and recreated. The finished product is a beautiful property that ties together old and new in a unique space, showcasing the features of a luxurious custom lake country home with the charm and warmth of an early 20th century Tudor.

If you especially like the kitchen-turned-wine-grotto, check out this Pinterest board with other examples of great wine spaces in custom Lake Country homes.

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