Last week’s blog looked at colors and how colors match our personality, our mood and our style. In keeping with the theme of what your home says about you, this week we look at what the style of your custom home says about you and your personality. And, how to select the style of home that will fit your own individuality.

Let’s face it, personalities are one-of –kind, so it makes sense that your home should be as well. What does your custom home say about you? What do different styles of home say about your personality? Are you vintage or traditional, classic or modern? Is your dream home a cape code, French country or a craftsman? Your individual personality can help you decide what type of home is right for you.

There are many styles of homes, and these styles are as unique as people are. Let’s take a look at a few of them and how each of these match with human characteristics.


  • Small single-story home
  • Originated in India
  • Popped up across the United States around the time of WWI

This style of home is known to be simple and easy to maintain, with styles ranging from the Craftsman to the California bungalow to the Chicago bungalow. Owners that wish to maintain a carefree and easy lifestyle find these incredibly appealing. Bungalow owners are liberated in personality and eager to keep their expenses low and their lifestyle trouble-free.

Cape Cod:

  • Originated in the early 18th century
  • Originally was half-timbered English
  • Typically a one-and-a-half story dormered home

The Cape Cod features pretty side gables, a small overhang and sloped roof. These homes have a strong owner who loves to relax and enjoy a structured home after a long and busy day. The Cape Cod owner is warm-hearted in nature and tries to create an atmosphere that’s in commune with the beautiful scenery around them.

The Craftsman:

  • Simple and honest design
  • True expression of American architecture
  • Emerged at the end of the late 19th century.

The elegant design incorporating hand crafted objects makes it both unique and artistically appealing. An owner living in a Craftsman is whimsical and deeply immersed in the small details of life, paying close attention to the quality rather than quantity of life.


  • Developed by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Serves all practical needs without being overly embellished or showy
  • Influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement

The prairie-style homes also feature long flat roofs, rows of windows, horizontal lines and organic patterns. The owner of a prairie home is a trailblazer who seeks order and structural and organic beauty. Simple, yet driven and comfortable in an open space meets the characteristics of this homeowner.


  • “Farmhouse” referred not to style, but rather to location and function
  • Originally built on rural land with an emphasis on an agrarian lifestyle
  • Modeled after popular architectural styles at the time they were built, such as Victorian and Colonial.

In the past, farmhouses were built for need rather than design, often featuring functional porches as a transitional space creating a much more informal and inviting exterior. Today, the farmhouse suites a person who enjoys a casual lifestyle and enjoys gathering friends and family in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.


  • Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Symmetry throughout

This person may be older and likes high style and value, with service from an established retailer being important. Traditional buyers desire a quality product and have traditional lifestyle and values to match the home.


  • Connecting the indoors and outdoors
  • Open living spaces, clean, geometric lines
  • Function-over-form

These homeowners may skew younger, and have appreciation for cutting-edge technology. They have a unique style in their home and/or dress and may be more open-minded. They utilize technology to see the “latest and greatest” in design. A love for big cities, trendy food and coffee houses, new movies and travel to exotic or off-the-beaten-path locales may distinguish them.

So, what does your custom home say about you? Whatever your personality, there is a home for you. The important thing to remember when building your custom home is letting that personality shine through!

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