You are considering a major home remodel or addition. The builder has been selected and plans have been drawn up, so now you must decide when to begin the project. Living in southeastern Wisconsin naturally brings with it the challenges of the seasons and the weather. It also brings the challenges of availability of contractors and suppliers based on demand. Of course, the timing of a remodel has a great deal to do with the extent of the remodel. If the remodel requires removal of the roof or external walls, that of course would be less complicated in the summer or fall. There are many factors to consider.

Summer seems to be the natural season for remodeling. It’s true that sunny days and warm weather are very beneficial when it comes to working outside, but there is much more to consider when planning a remodeling project than the temperature. In many cases, knowing when to remodel is likely to save you money as well as time during your project. Spring and summer might be the most popular seasons for home improvement, as “remodeling season” really is when your stress (and budget) will be at a minimum for the project.

Supply and demand of materials ebbs and flows throughout the year, and building materials like paint, cement and lumber fluctuate based on the time of the year. Advanced planning can alleviate the delay of getting materials like granite, windows and flooring during peak seasons.

The availability of supplies is not the only thing to consider, the availability of contractors also needs to be taken into consideration. Peak season like spring and summer means contractors are booked. Hiring a contractor during slow periods or times means your project will get top priority and attention if they are not juggling multiple jobs at once.

A remodel of course does have to take place in an order that makes sense to the weather, but some advanced planning can help when trying to work through the different obstacles that take place. Knowing that there will be high demand for exterior painters in the summer, you may want to try for early spring or late fall. Furnace installations are in higher demand late fall, so scheduling that for summer may be more efficient. Laying out the timing with your builder and their contractors in advance can save you time, money and a lot of frustration!