Windows may seem like a pretty part of a home that lets light in, but they also have a fascinating history and purpose for your custom home. The first use of the word window comes from the 13th century and is believed to come from the Old Norse “vindauga,” meaning wind-eye. Windows have been around pretty much since people started building long-term places to sleep and stay warm in. 

When designing your custom home, you will want to consider the size, placement and number of windows throughout. Incorporating natural light into your home allows rooms to feel expansive and open. Natural light allows you to cut down on artificial light during daylight hours, and allows for views of beautiful, natural scenery that lies outside of your windows. The use of windows facing a lake can be breath taking and bring the tranquil views inside. Windows can become the focal point in your room, particularly when overlooking a gorgeous lake. 

Other considerations when selecting your windows need to be things like window panes, trim color, and how the window functions. Do you want floor-to-ceiling windows for grand views, or small windows above another window as an accent? 

When considering your windows here are some ideas and options throughout your custom home. 

Breakfast nooks surrounded by windows will start your day with a huge dose of vitamin D. They are also a great way to check the weather before you head out for the day. 

Full glass doors right off your kitchen provide an excellent view of your gardens and lawn. 

Vaulted ceilings are a great way to showcase a clerestory window wall. This architectural feature adds design drama and provides more light than regular windows. This look is perfect for lake homes, allowing for a dramatic view. 

Other places to consider windows for both natural light and architectural interest as well: showers, closets, laundry rooms. Additionally, a unique look is having a window between rooms within your home.  

Whether it is a garden view, lake view, sailboat gazing, sunsets or bird watching, windows and window walls provide endless entertainment all year long. When selecting the windows for your custom lake home, keep in mind the meaning, “wind-eye” and let your windows be the eyes to the views outside your walls. Windows are the bridge between the indoors and the outdoors.