Winter is a time for restoration and reflection. Many animals hibernate during the winter months, and humans should also allow their bodies time to recover from the constant pace of life’s demands. We see an increase in colds and cases of flu in the winter months, and it’s no wonder when we don’t take the time to rest and slow down the pace.

When building your luxury home, take into consideration places to curl up, get cozy and allow yourself a nap. Taking time out for a short rest or nap can actually create more productivity in the long run. Create spaces in your home that are conducive to napping. Window seats, hearth rooms, dens with a day bed, a chaise in the bedroom are all perfect locations for catching up on a few zzzz’s.

A good night’s sleep is a human need, but there are many benefits of napping.

• Increase alertness

A NASA study found that a 40-minute nap increases alertness by 100%. Other studies have found that a 20-minute nap is more effective than either 200 mg of caffeine or a bout of exercise.

• Improves your health and helps to keep your strength up

When you sleep, you release growth hormone, the antidote to cortisol which boosts your immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, and aids in muscle repair and weight loss. Napping gives your brain a chance to rest and your body a chance to heal.

• Improves your working memory and learning

Napping improves your memory retention; during sleep, recent memories are transferred to the neocortex, where long-term memories are solidified and stored.

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• Reduces stress

While you may think pushing through your fatigue is productive, the reality is you are working under a stressful situation and are less productive than if you were rested. Taking a 20-30 minute nap will reduce your stress, refresh you and make you more productive.

• Feel emotionally nourished and refreshed

Lying down for a nap gives the opportunity to reflect on your life, rest and feel ready for the rest of the day.

When you select the perfect napping spot in your home, be sure to have all the essentials with you, a cozy throw, soft pillows, a sleeping mask and a glass of water. Set a timer so you do not sleep too long. If you have a difficult time relaxing and falling asleep, sip a glass of hot tea first, read a book and play some calming music.

Whether you are in the process of building your dream home right now or are living there now, consider where your best nap areas are and take time to refresh your mind and body with a nap this winter.