Now that July is here, we are finally enjoying the longer, warmer days of summer. Summer in Southeast Wisconsin means getting outdoors as often and as much as you can. The days go by quickly, and you don’t want to miss a moment of soaking up the sun and warm temperatures. Living in a custom lake home truly allows for the best in Wisconsin living. Southeastern Wisconsin is peppered with beautiful lakes that allow for year-round homes or a weekend sanctuary away from the city.  Make the best of your lake home by creating a lifestyle for you and your family that allows for the best summer on the lake ever. 

Become One with Nature

The beautiful lakes in southeastern Wisconsin bring many opportunities to take in and be part of nature. Whether you enjoy fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding or simply sitting on a pier taking in all the sights and sounds, it truly transports you away from the stresses of the day. Everyday summertime lake living should include time to participate with the wonders of the lake. There is so much wildlife to watch, explore and enjoy on a lake, so get the family on board and make a day of it.  

Get Active 

The opportunities for activity on a lake are endless! Want to start the day with simple movements and stretching? The pier or lakefront lawn is the perfect place to start the day with yoga. Ready to work on your swimming strokes and get a great cardio vascular workout in? Dive in and go for a swim.  Of course, the fun and thrill of waterskiing, wake boarding and wake surfing take it up another notch!  If you love a little competition, perhaps you will take up sailing and participate in local regattas. Every member of the family will find a way to get active on the lake. The options are endless. 

Entertain Family and Friends 

A lake home is the perfect place to entertain in the summertime. Take your guests for a relaxing pontoon ride or have families over for a day of tubing and jetskiing. Lake front yards are perfect for lawn games and an afternoon cocktail. A custom lake home should also have a sprawling deck or patio to have a cookout and enjoy an el fresco dinner.  

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Enjoy Your Community 

While its different than a subdivision or living on a city street, lake living offers a wonderful sense of community. Most lakes have a lake association that provide opportunities to get to know your fellow lake lovers. Often time there are social opportunities like lake tie ups, 4th of July parties and even lake clean up days. Your lake community will become a special part of your life, so embrace those who love the water just like you do. 

Lake living brings opportunities for young and old. The calming nature of a lake, the activities to enjoy and sense of community make lake living in southeastern Wisconsin the best place to be. If you are looking to build a year-round home or a summer residence, Colby Construction is the perfect partner to help make this dream a reality.