The concept of building a custom home that’s created and designed around you and your family’s wants and needs is what really makes a home custom to you. You can create exactly what you want, and you’re only limited by your imagination and budget. The home of your dreams can become a reality.

This is where many people get stuck, however, being paralyzed by all the possibilities and choices. When you start designing your luxury home, begin by dreaming of all the custom amenities that will give you the house you want. And then, make a custom home feature list.

Your luxury dream home should reflect who you are, but we would like to give you some inspiration. Use this list of 12 popular custom home features as guidance and think of the possibilities. This can be a launching pad for your ideas – because what you’d like to see in your kitchen, pool, or bathroom should be unique for your and your family. Your home is your sanctuary, where your family gathers to work, play, relax and be together. Beyond your family, your home is a place where you entertain your extended family and friends, so make your home exceptional.

Custom Home Feature List: 12 Unique Custom Home Features to Make Your Home Truly Custom

1) Entryways

When entering the front door, you want your guests to be wowed, so make sure your entryway is unique, welcoming and custom by selecting statement pieces for your hardware and light fixtures. Perhaps consider custom built in shelves and nooks.

Entering from the garage needs to be functional versus spectacular. This area is called the “drop zone” – the place where parents drop their keys, wallets, phones, and purses, and kids drop their backpacks, shoes, sports equipment. Consider all the possibilities to make this area work for your family. Add charging stations for electronics and bulletin boards for messages. Built in shelving and cubbies for each member of the family can help clear the clutter.

2) The Kitchen

From high-end appliances to seating around an oversized island to an enclosed pantry and even the sink, current design trends focus on the kitchen as the focal point of the home, especially in terms of how the family interacts. Things to consider for your functional but beautiful kitchen:

Under cabinet lighting: Nothing says warm and inviting like installing expanded lighting options below your upper cabinetry.

Kitchen nooks: Set aside more than a bit of extra floor space for a kitchen table and create some a substantial space that is a dedicated location where your family can gather for meals, snacks, homework, or private conversation.

Floating Shelves: These create space to display everything from dishes to plants to treasured antiques and family heirlooms.

3) Catering kitchen

Traditionally called a “Butler’s Pantry” in older homes and mansions, this is a small preparation station off the main kitchen and eating area where you or anyone helping can work to prepare things during events while staying out of the way.

3) Home bar & Wine Cellar

This isn’t just a small wet bar area offset from the main room that you keep stocked with a few drinks. Create a room of its own where you can entertain in a truly bar-like atmosphere.

4) Game room

Dedicate a room entirely to free up your family room from the chaos and fun of gaming. Keep all of your activities and electronics out in the middle of high-traffic areas. A game room can contain big items like pinball, shuffleboard and ping pong tables and a big television for gaming.

5) Playroom

When you have young kids, this area can serve as the toddler-friendly space. As your kids age, it can convert into the room where homework gets done – kind of like their version of the large office the grownups have.

6) Outdoor living space

Gone are the days when a luxury home was a fortress. Contemporary high-end homes fully embrace “indoor to outdoor” living. Where and how people spend time on the exterior of the house is just as important as the interior. Invest the time, money, and effort into creating a seamless flow between spaces, and then take the outdoor experience to the next level (and beyond).

Things to include in your outdoor space:

Outdoor kitchen: Make the family’s chef happy by embracing their grilling dreams. This well-appointed space allows the cook to remain outdoors with the rest of the family.

Pool and hot tub: Consider a custom pool, one that first accentuates the geography of your backyard while encouraging the flow of traffic between the outdoor and indoor spaces. And, a hot tub is a perfect place to unwind as a couple by soaking in the bubbling jets.

Outdoor lounge seating with a fire pit or fireplace: No outdoor living space is complete without a comfortable and tasteful place to relax and eat the meal created in that outdoor kitchen.

7) Expansive master bedroom

Everyone needs a quiet cocoon in which to relax, reflect, and recharge. We love the trend that is to develop a luxurious space that mirrors what you enjoy when staying at a high-end hotel. If you can afford the best when you’re abroad, you definitely deserve it at home.

When the end of the day arrives, you need a restorative bedroom with ample space and sumptuous materials, whether it’s your king-size bed, reading nook, curtains, or bedding. This is your place, so you should enjoy it.

master bedroom use in blog post of custom home feature list

8) Spa-style master bathroom

Create the perfect retreat from the rest of world by indulging in your spa-style bathroom. Not just en suite, but a place where you go to truly get away from it all. Which means this is not the place to cut corners.

Walk-in shower: Perhaps even a steam shower with full-body jets, custom tile, and perfect water pressure, you will want to stay in the shower all day.

Standalone tub: Enjoy a long soak in a large tub and watch your worries escape

Personal walk-in closets: Sharing with your spouse is a great idea, but you don’t have to do it all the time. Give your clothes, shoes, and accessories their own private area with enough room to breathe.

Well-Reasoned Closet Space in a Custom-Built Home

Large dressing room: Take the walk-in closet to the next level by expanding it to contain display racks for your shoes, full-length mirrors, couch, and island for arranging your jewelry and other personal decor.


9) Sports area

Family fun time is easy to enjoy when you have a sports area. Your options are endless, but they also depend upon your preferred recreational sport. From built-in basketball courts, tennis courts, putting greens, golf simulators and more, bring your favorite sport to your custom home.

golf simulator for blog post on custom home feature list

10) Bowling alley

Why not have your own bowling alley? If you love entertaining, what better way to gather with your friends and family than by having a bowling alley right in your own home!


11) Home gym

This year more than ever is the convenience of a home gym an absolute must-have luxury. You can sweat it up in the privacy of your own home – without having to wait for your favorite machine or having any concerns. Complete your home gym with a sauna or a steam shower too.

home gym, used in blog post for custom home feature list

12) Guest Quarters

Make your guest feel at home with their own space to retreat to when spending the night. The quarters should include a bedroom, a small living space with amenities like a beverage center and coffee maker, and of course a private bathroom. This space can be adjoined to your home or be a separate space altogether.

a guest cabin is a great addition to a custom home feature list


The possibilities are endless! If you can dream it, we can build it. Don’t stop with this custom home feature list, as there are many options to customize your home. To view all of the possibilities, visit our gallery or our Houzz page,, where we have been given the “Best of Houzz” Award 6 years running. Our experienced team will listen to what you want in your home and then create the perfect luxury custom home for your family.

We hope our list of custom home features proves useful as you begin to dream about your personal wish list for your new dream home.