Custom Home Maintenance, Management, & Upkeep

Colby Care Division

Colby Care Division is the extension of our ongoing relationship, serving our clients’ individual needs after the completion of their project, their custom lake home. Ongoing custom home maintenance, home management and upkeep are all provided to our clients on an as-needed basis. Our clients are our top priority and Colby Care continues with that personal touch.

Custom Home Maintenance

Clients who are away from their homes for extended periods need someone to care for their property. Who understands the ins and outs of it better than Colby Construction? From changing filters in the HVAC to installing window screens before returning in the summer, our team will work with your needs to maintain and keep your home looking beautiful and functioning, even when you are not there.

Small Projects and Installations

From new tile installed in a bathroom, updated kitchen cabinets or freshly painted rooms, let us take care of your projects that allow you to enjoy the beauty of your home.

We are here to support and serve our customers and their homes. Your home is your haven and you want your home to function without the stresses and worries. Let us maintain and care for your home throughout its lifetime. Colby Care is a perfect option for customers who spend time away from their home.

Contact us for more information on how we can serve you and help to manage and maintain all aspects of your home.