Behind the Scenes with Colby Construction: Spa & Pool in a Milwaukee Custom Home

Every week, we bring you gorgeous imagery of beautifully crafted custom homes. Each one is unique, and the special features of the homes really stand out. But there’s one part of each of the Colby Construction custom homes that you’ve seen on this site that is exactly the same: Each home started out as a project site. Seeing the project site isn’t as glamorous as seeing the finished project photos, but it is where sketches and blueprints comes to life. We thought that maybe you’d want to see what a project site is like when you’re working with Colby Construction, and that’s why we filmed some quick Behind the Scenes videos.

Today we’re going behind the scenes with Jim from Colby Construction. He’s a project manager for many of the Milwaukee custom homes that you’ve seen (and will see!) here at We caught him onsite at a project on Pewaukee Lake. Right now, he’ll tell you more about the spa and pool that are a part of the custom home project he’s working on. 

Behind the Scenes with Colby Construction: Spa & Pool in a Milwaukee Custom Home


Your tour begins in the spa room. There are many details that went into the design of the spa room, but today you’ll see just one: the spa room wall. Watch the video below to find out what makes this wall unique:


This home doesn’t just contain a spa – it also contains an indoor pool and whirlpool. It’s far from finished (but check back for more updates in the coming months), but you’ll already be able to see the quality and intricate detailing that goes into Colby Construction custom home projects. We’ll let Jim tell you more.


First, the whirlpool:


Lastly, the Swim in Place Pool:


We’ll be showing you more behind the scenes tours of current Milwaukee custom home projects in the coming weeks and months. Keep checking back to see updates on this beautiful home and more! In the meantime, visit our Pinterest page for more examples of inspiring Colby Construction projects.