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Blackhawk Drive: Tying together the old and the new.

Selecting a custom home builder when choosing to build on one of the many beautiful lakes in southeastern Wisconsin can be a difficult decision. However, if you have a challenge when building your custom lake home, then Colby Construction truly is the only choice.

The Blackhawk Drive property provided multiple opportunities for the Colby Construction team to use all of their expertise in building a home on a historical piece of island property. The owners had purchased the property over 20 years ago and had enjoyed the “honeymoon cottage” as a summer reprieve. When they decided to build their dream home that incorporated the cottage, the challenge began.

The owners had bid out the property in the past, but no project had ever felt right. Then, they came to Colby Construction with the desire to keep their historic cottage in tact and still build their luxury lake home. This meant taking a Tudor cottage from 1911 and creating their custom home around it. Colby Construction was able to keep the integrity and feel of the quaint cottage and to build a home that incorporated every detail one could desire in new luxurious home.

One challenge that had to be dealt with was how to get the equipment and materials on to the site when a small bridge with weight restrictions separated the property on its own island. Creative thinking and problem solving remedied the issue, and, even over the cold winter months, the project pressed forward. In fact, the home was completed ahead of schedule.

Other challenges included recreating and finding banisters, beams and lighting that carried the look of the cottage. The results are nothing short of brilliant: the home and cottage flow together as one. The family could not be happier with the end results. They are now enjoying their dream of preserving the historical cottage while living in a new custom lake home.