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Elegance and modernity combine to create Flynn Landing, a beautifully remodeled lake home. Built on a hill, it overlooks the water with a sloping lawn in between. The front exterior is covered in large windows and has a wrap-around elevated porch, perfect for enjoying the picturesque lake and outdoors. Surrounded by trees, Flynn Landing is the optimal destination for a four-season home.

Flynn Landing was transformed from the original house into a custom home. Major renovations and additions were done to create its family’s vision of a functional yet aesthetic home for their blended family.

The elegance of Flynn Landing’s exterior is combined with its updated modern interior. Its white walls add the perfect amount of contrast with the dark wooden floors. The renovated openness of the kitchen and living area creates a cohesive open layout of the main floor.

Entering the kitchen, large white cabinets and expansive countertops create an open and functional kitchen, perfect for a large family. Custom cabinets with sliding shelves and built-in compartments for additional storage further elevate the space.

The kitchen island overlooks the living area–an open-concept layout renovated for family and friend get-togethers. Large windows bathe the room in sunlight. With couches and chairs facing these windows, even a large family of eight can take in the picturesque view of the lake together while relaxing indoors.

Adding to the elegance of Flynn Landing, the dining area features a fireplace with built-in shelving. This refined functionality allows residents to warm up by the fire on chilly winter evenings and enjoy one another’s company.

The small details and additions are what further elevate Flynn Landing. From the modern yet elegant lighting in the bathrooms to built-in bookshelves in the hallways, every inch resonates an atmosphere of refinement. With windows in almost every room, the natural lighting makes the home the perfect relaxation location for its residents.

Continuing the trend of modern elegance is the land surrounding Flynn Landing. The surrounding trees foster a peaceful atmosphere. Residents can enjoy time on the lake with a boat dock ready for activities on the water.

Modern and refined–Flynn Landing is the perfect year-round family home.

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