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The many beautiful lakes in Southeastern Wisconsin each have their own distinct personality, which tend to be reflected in the homes along the shores. Many new lakefront homeowners choose an area and often lake in particular that suits their lifestyle, and, as there are fewer undeveloped lots available, often inherit an existing structure. In the process of customizing the home to desired tastes and needs, many modern, thoughtful lake living families blend traditional lake home elements with the updated conveniences of a new luxury custom home.

The following custom Lake Country lake home is a perfect example of blending the traditional spirit or vibe of a northwoods lake retreat with modern and creative touches. While the family chose a complete demo of the original structure, they thoughtfully repurposed a few wonderful details to incorporate into their new home, while maximizing utility and views of the stunning, heavily wooded lakefront property.

Among the elements reclaimed from the original structure are oversized sliding wood doors, stained glass windows, a vanity in the main level powder room and a fireplace mantel. In the case of the mantel, the owners opted for a different look in their living space and cleverly repurposed it into a book shelf on the upper level. One of the stained glass windows adds a lovely accent to the front entryway, while the other serves as a work of art behind their modernly appointed bar area on the lower level.

The two oversized sliding wood doors panels were hung together in the original space. The new home utilizes each panel for a separate doorway, sliding on an iron rail. These doorways are opposite one another, separated by a hallway, one opening into the dining room and the other opening into a generous pantry, a beautiful infusion of old world craftsmanship.

The spirit of a northwoods retreat is most aptly reflected in the comfortable screened in porch. Situated lakeside, affording stunning views of both lake and the statuesque trees on the property, the knotty pine wood paneling adds to the feel of a cozy lake cabin. It provides the perfect afternoon retreat, with its Western exposure, to enjoy the sunset over the water well into the fall months.

While the home creatively incorporates original features of the original structure, it also boasts several well-thought-out details that add to its unique and personalized character. The breakfast room makes the most of its western exposure with dormers above the wall of windows, allowing for maximum natural lighting throughout the day. Additionally, an oversized window seat nestled under bay windows provides a relaxing spot to sleep, read and enjoy the magnificent lake views.

And perhaps the builder’s favorite feature of this inviting lake home is its masterful use of a traditional dead space, underneath the stairs in the lower level. It is the perfect size to give the family pet a room of his or her own.