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With a classic exterior and an artistic interior, Lac Nord is the perfect combination of sophistication and energetic design. Featuring a three-car garage and multiple bedrooms, this home creates the perfect getaway for all of its guests’ families and friends.

Entering the foyer, the white and wooden curving staircase leads guests to the upper level. Multiple bedrooms, each with a unique own design, are situated and ready for guests. One bedroom features a nautical theme and two sets of bunk beds while another room has a blue and green floral design with matching furniture. A third room works with a blue, yellow and tangerine color palette, while the master bedroom is a calming sanctuary in hues of blue.

Combining functionality and design is the laundry room. With built-ins lining one wall and the washer and dryer on the opposite wall, there is plenty of storage and counter space for any laundry or cleaning needs. A yellow wall with matching yellow accent lighting adds a pop of color to the otherwise white room.

Moving to the main floor, the kitchen and living area exude a clean, modern look. White walls and cabinets create a perfect contrast with the dark wooden floors. Multiple windows line the walls, letting in natural light. A gray kitchen island with white countertops and a sink overlooks the dining area. White chairs line the wooden table and a modern silver chandelier hangs above, making the perfect space for family and friends to dine together.

Continuing the classic design of the open-concept main floor is the living area. Couches and chairs surround a built-in wood-burning fireplace. Windows line one of the walls, bringing in even more sunlight to the room and adding to the cozy environment.

To further add to Lac Nord’s sophisticated yet comfortable aesthetic, the screened-in porch is another cozy location for gathering with family or friends. Complete with a stone fireplace, wood-fire grill and sink, this space is prime for relaxing or entertaining.

With a combination of vivid colors and designs with classic elements, Lac Nord is a premier custom home.

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