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Some lake homes are simply homes on the lake, while others are homes that declare “Lake Home” from the style of their architecture to the interior detailing of their rooms. The 2011 South Beach home is one in which its Lake Country lake location is evident immediately upon entry.

Complete with a boathouse and dock, South Beach has everything guests need to relax by the lake’s shore. To add to the home’s ingenuity is the home’s lake-themed interior–further exemplifying an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Guests will notice a lake style of architecture in the South Beach home, but they will also notice lake details everywhere throughout the home. From the boys’ bedroom, bathrooms and the living room to the kitchen, guest rooms and the library, the nautical theme of the home is evident in every room.

South Beach’s fully integrated theme requires oversight and a brilliant master scheme to guide all of the finer details. Colby Construction, Wisconsin’s premier custom home builder, more than delivered on each detail, creating a cohesive and beautifully designed custom lake home.

Colby’s team worked with Konstant Architecture, the gifted architects responsible for the fully integrated “Lake Home” theme, and with the owner’s vision for the home to ensure the theme matched cohesively with the raw materials of construction.

For instance, midway through the project, the owner envisioned an entire change to the driveway approach of the house, requiring land changes and variation in the engineering. Wisconsin’s custom home builder recognized the ingenuity behind the owner’s insight, and Colby’s collaboration made for spectacular effect: the South Beach custom home, a lake home at its core.

Situated on the lake and featuring a beautiful lake theme throughout the home itself, South Beach is the epitome of custom lake homes.

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