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The Blue Boathouse

Today in Wisconsin’s Lake Country area, boathouses are a treasure, with glimpses of the boating and lifestyle history of yore and opportunities for a new purpose. Depending on the original structure, wet or dry, many lake homeowners have found a way to preserve the original intent of their construction and add personal modern touches that reflect enhancements to the main home and accommodate the entertaining and lifestyle needs of the current owners.

Boathouses today can offer an extension of the luxury lake home’s living space, enhancing the properties’ views and proximity to the water. Whether guest quarters, dining alternatives, a quiet escape or storage for water activities, the right custom homebuilder can transform this coveted structure into the highlight of your property.

The reimagining of the Blue Boathouse, an iconic boathouse on Pewaukee Lake in Southeastern Wisconsin, is an excellent example of customizing the original structure to be an extension of the lake home’s living space. It provides an inviting space for entertaining friends and family to enjoy lake views, relax after treasured lake activities as well as shelter from the storm.

The Blue Boathouse inspires the potential comfort and functionality that boathouses have to offer. With features such as a built-in window seat, sliding doors and custom storage, this custom boathouse has everything necessary for relaxation on the lake and for fulfilling functional requirements.

Residents can use the Blue Boathouse for storage or utilize the space for entertaining, with the sliding doors making transitioning the space simple and effortless. With the home’s design integrated into the space, the Blue Boathouse embodies the cottage theme perfectly. Guests can relax inside with a beautiful view of the lake and enjoy everything this custom boathouse has to offer.

Functional, relaxing and luxurious–the Blue Boathouse is the perfect addition to this custom lake home.

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