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Utilized Space

Having enough space is one of the most common concerns of homeowners. When partnering with Colby Construction, however, space is not a concern, as we make sure every inch of the custom home can be used. This is seen throughout all of our custom homes even though the general styles and layouts differ from space to space.

Utilizing space is crucial to an effective layout in a custom home. Having cohesion throughout the home makes the space more welcoming to residents and their guests. No homeowner wants awkward spaces where the furniture or home features do not quite seem to fit.

Colby Construction makes sure each of our custom homes’ owners can get the most out of the areas in their homes, creating functional yet refined layouts. Below are a few of our favorite examples of utilizing space in our custom homes.

Bathrooms are one of the top examples where space often does not get used as effectively as it could be. Colby Construction has cracked the code, as we use custom shelving or cabinets to improve the functionality of bathrooms in our custom homes. For example, a few of the bathrooms pictured below have more obscure-shaped rooms that have a unique ceiling or are more narrow than normal. Even with the space constrictions, the bathrooms still have a refined look, as all of the space available is utilized effectively.

Bedroom closets are another area that are often not put to use as well as they could be. Adding extra shelves and other clothing organizers not only better use the space, but also keep closets more organized overall. In one of the images below, a walk-in closet is featured with tall shelves that almost go to the ceiling. This helps increase the usable space and keep clothes neat and organized.

To see more examples of effectively utilized spaces like those pictured below, take a look at the rest of our custom homes in our gallery.