There are many details that make custom homes truly unique and special. When working with a custom home builder, it’s good to know what details are most important to you and what works with your budget. Here are some of the areas that will make your home a custom dream home. 

The Details that Make Custom Homes Custom

Custom Built-Ins 

Custom built-in cabinets and bookshelves are not only beautiful but also functional. From bookshelves, TV cabinetry, and desks, to closets, a butler’s pantry, cubbies and more, there are many options to incorporate these custom built-ins in your home. Work with your builder to create spaces that work perfectly with your life. The most common spaces that our homeowners often opt for are a large, custom built-in piece in the living room, study, and back entry.

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picture of a kitchen breakfast room with a round table and chairs

picture of a living room with a dog on the carpet picture of a living room with a fireplace and shelves







Custom Staircases 

Staircases that are situated prominently in a home are often the centerpiece of the home. Nothing adds elegance to a home quite like a custom-tailored staircase. Curved stairs, circular stairs, and grand staircases all make a stunning visual impression if they have been well-crafted. One of the key architectural elements of a great home is an awe-inspiring stairway. 

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picture of a stairway for Colby blog about the details that make a custom home custom








Solid Core Interior Doors 

When selecting doors for your custom home, don’t choose hollow doors, instead select doors with 1.75-inch solid core doors. Not only do they have a weightier, high-quality feel to them, but you can also customize the paneling (or lack thereof) to better match the style of the rest of the home. Once you’ve selected your doors, be sure to select beautiful hardware to truly highlight them. 

the lake house - entry way

Wall and Ceiling Detailing 

Bring your personality into the design of your home through your walls by adding custom paneling, plaster, fresh wallpaper, or unique paint colors. These are all great ways to customize your walls. Say goodbye to “builder beige!”

Ceiling detail can enhance the custom feel of your home as well. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a huge or expensive undertaking. Consider adding solid or boxed beams, tongue & groove paneling, unique trim detailing, or a paint color that complements your walls. When combined with other design elements in a few key spaces, ceiling detailing can help create a cohesive, custom design where it matters most. 

ceiling detail for Colby blog about the details that make a custom home customthe lake house - entry way








Unique Lighting 

Lighting can create a special look and feel to any home. Custom built homes especially need lighting as the accent that makes the home truly unique. Beyond the regular mix of recessed cans and basic hanging fixtures, there is so much to consider when creating a lighting plan for your custom home. Thinking about your specific lighting preferences is a good place to start: Do you and your family prefer warmer or cooler light? Overhead lighting (recessed cans) or indirect lighting (lamp lighting, directional wall lighting)? Pendants, chandeliers, or sconces? Other options like a lighting control system, dimmer switches, or art wall lighting can also create a truly custom lighting plan for your home. 

dining room in The Lake House picture of a living room with wood detail

Trim and Molding 

There are many styles of trim and crown molding to choose from. Once you find a trim you like, use it for baseboards, crown molding, and door/window trim to match. Custom trim in your home gives a true built custom feel rather than “builder-basic” or even semi-custom.

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